Erdal Etiket has determined its main goal as increasing its profitability and efficiency by growing with its suppliers, by improving its employees and by integrating with its consumer with the understanding of excellence that reinforced by the quality policy it has adopted.

We adopt customer-oriented activity, ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction and acting with the awareness to gaining customers' trust and participatory management style that;

Acting in accordance with the laws and moral rules,

Producing with a policy that ensures business efficiency and business continuity with an approach that attaches importance to the environment and nature,

Attaching importance to the protection and awareness of its consumers and producers by keeping up with today's conditions with its projects and product range that are open to development and that support the innovative perspective with development in the new market,

And carefully evaluating human resources.



To be one of the global main players in the sector in industrial labeling and successfully passing on the flag to 3rd generation.



We constantly improve ourselves for better service. To understand the needs of our customers and to facilitate their lives. To produce fast and stable solutions to problems.



To deliver a habitable environment to future generations. To take measures to reduce harmful environmental impacts, for prevention of pollution and for continuous improvement.