Digital Printing

We can produce fast solutions in different sizes using the digital printing thanks to our machines that can print and cut at the same time. We provide digital printing services with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor machines in different sizes. Thanks to our machines that can print and cut for high quality solutions which are needed by different sectors, we can produce fast solutions and support serigraphy in your printing works.

You can experience the samples and models of our products in our factory with our renewed printing machines and cutting machines, including vehicle covering, digital vinyl printing, floor foil printing, mesh printing and digital print-cut. As Erdal Etiket, in the journey we have set out with the principle of quality product and printing, we reach the leading position of our country in digital printing in a short period of time and increase the quality standards.

AGFA JETİ TİTAN HS Digital Flat to Roll

  • The machine that has won three awards in indoor and outdoor prints worldwide,
  • that prints in the closest quality to serigraphy,
  • that fixes the colors on the product with special ink and UV light and increases its resistance to sunlight,
  • that performs flat printing up to 3x2 meter size and up to 5 cm thick,
  • that can print infinite length in 3.20 cm wide roll printing,
  • that processes 160 m2 of material per hour.

Usage Areas:

Digital photo prints, composite, plexy, natural stone, photoblock, lenticuler, foil, pcv, polycarbonate, plastic, glass, metal, high micron aluminum, cardboard, painted sheet, cast foil, printing on mobile phone covers, printing on CD, MDF, wood patterned prints, printing on fabric, leather, barrack, roll-up, banner.